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Oliver's Pawriffic Bakery

Gourmet Pet Treats

Baking Healthy Treats for  Healthy Pets!

We are now proudly WHEAT FREE with ALL treats!

About Us
As long time dog lovers and pet owners, we only want the best for our pets. Oliver (pictured to the right), our inspiration, has always had a senstive stomach. By changing his diet and making all natural dog treats, his gastric issues have since resolved. That is why we started baking dog treats. We wanted to be sure that the ingredients in the pet treats we fed were not harmful to our pets. 

Oliver's Bakery utilizes only all natural ingredients. We can attest that our dogs love them, and we're confident your dogs will love them too! 

Featured Treats
Our highest selling/rated treats. These featured treats are definitely not on the diet menu of our bakery. Which is probably why dogs and owners rate them so highly. 
  1. Pupcakes (Cupcakes)
    These treats are honey apple with a PB frosting and bacon sprinkles. Soft and moist, these "pup"cakes are sure to be a hit.
  2. Bacon Wraps
    A FAVORITE! By using digestible pigskin bacon wraps are a must treat for your pooch.
  3. Peanut Butter Delights
    If your dog goes crazy over peanut butter, wait til they get a taste of these! Two PB biscuits with PB filling.
  1. Our Mission
    To provide safe, healthy, treats for our pets. To share our home made treats with your furry family members and to provide them with safe, healthy delicious treats they will love!
All treats made are in contact with a form of a nut product. If you or others have a nut allergy, know that our products contain and have been in contact with peanuts and other forms of nuts.  Owners are responsible for the proper feeding/handling of all treats. These treats are intended solely for animal consumption.